2015 NFL Week 7 Preview

NFLGame of the Week

New York Jets at New England Patriots.  Jets.  Patriots.  Two teams that absolutely despise each other.  A blood feud that had existed since Bill Bellicheat reneged on a promise to coach the Jets and joined the Patriots instead.  I cannot wait for this game.

As for the game itself, I think it will be competitive and hard fought on both sides.  The Jets have the best defense statistically in the NFL.  The Patriots have the best offense statistically in the NFL.  It’s a classic case of a juggernaut taking on the the unmovable force.

However, the big difference in this game is this: the Patriots employ Tom Brady, while the Jets have the immortal Ryan Fitzpatrick.  I think I’ll take the Pats in this one…  Patriots 24, Jets 19.

Thursday’s Game

Seahawks over 49ers

Sunday’s Game

Bills over Jaguars (the Jags play so damn much in London, why doesn’t the NFL move them over there already?)
Redskins over Buccaneers
Falcons over Titans
Colts over Saints
Vikings over Lions
Steelers over Chiefs
Rams over Browns
Dolphins over Texans
Raiders over Chargers
Giants over Cowboys
Panthers over Eagles

Monday’s Game

Cardinals over Ravens (this would also double as my “Ass Whoopin’ of the Week”)

Record last week: 10-4 (Better than last week.  I’m getting good at this thing…)
Year to date: 60-31 (Rolling along on the A-train…)

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