Yankees Need to Honor A-Rod’s Achievements

YankeesBefore I embark on this rant, let me state the following.

While I am a lifelong fan of the New York Yankees, I am not a fan of Alex Rodriguez.  In fact, I cannot stand the man.

I do not like the fact that A-Rod had been so disingenuous with the way he conducted himself on and off the field over the last few seasons, he had become more of an “A-Fraud”.  And with the cat out of the bag on his apparent use of steroids, he has become “A-Roid” to me, not to mention a liar for denying such charges for such a long period of time.

I’ll also go a step further and express how incensed I was that the Yankees allowed A-Rod back.  Why my Yankees didn’t buy his roided ass out and move on was a mystery to me, even more so when they bid against themselves in re-signing A-Rod to that albatross of a deal.

Having said all of that, the Yankees should do the right thing and honor A-Rod’s achievements.  The team wrote clauses in his contract calling for such milestones to be rewarded by handsome bonuses.

And being a disgraced steroid cheat aside, performance enhancers does not help a player put a bat on the ball at a high level.

After all, 668 home runs is… well, 668 home runs.  And only 29 players in Major League Baseball history has at least 3,000 hits.  Those are achievements the Yankees have to honor since A-Rod’s milestones were met while wearing a Yankee uniform.

I know New York loathes A-Rod and would really prefer that he would go the hell away, but this was what the Yankees signed up for when they signed A-Rod to that ridiculous contract extension in the first place.

As for me, I feel like such a profound hypocrite while pulling for this man to help my Yankees stay in the AL East pennant chase with the Tampa Bay Rays.  What’s even worse for me to stomach is that he is the main reason why my Yankees have been doing surprisingly well this season.

God, I feel so dirty…

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