The Double-Standard that Is Hope Solo

hope-solo-300A decorated athlete was arrested on two counts of domestic violence on June 21, 2014.

While police was trying to book her, said athlete was reportedly so combative the police had to force her to the ground.  She then yelled, “You’re such a b—-.  You’re scared of me because you know that if the handcuffs were off, I’d kick your ass.”

(You can read more on the police report here)

Substitute the “she” pronouns with “he”.  How much do you want to bet that there would be an absolute outcry for a suspension?  I would be shocked that “he” would not be suspended by whichever sports league he plays in.

But the offender is not only a popular female athlete, she starts in goalie for the US Women’s National Team and is playing in the 2015 World Cup.

So is it shocking to see Hope Solo representing her country and not suspended from the World Cup?  Naw, not at all.  Solo is the best goalie in the world and we need her to bring the World Cup home.

And what’s worse is that US Soccer, the governing body of the men’s and women’s team, didn’t conduct much of an investigation.  For some reason it didn’t interview with the victims: her half-sister and nephew.

Again, the women’s soccer team need Solo to bring home the World Cup – even if it meant its governing body turning a blind eye to her transgressions.

But we see the Ray McDonalds, Ray Rices, and Greg Hardys of the world dealt serious consequences for similar actions pertaining to domestic violence – as they should.  It’s great seeing professional sports leagues FINALLY taking this issue seriously.

It’s even better seeing the media take those offending athletes to task.  Hell the media alone (namely TMZ) shamed NFL commissioner/punk ass Roger Goodevil into getting the Rice discipline right.

It just makes US Soccer’s “investigation” into Solo’s domestic violence arrest/non-punishment and the lack of outrage from the media and fans all the more shameful.

I sometimes think that if the offender was a “he” instead of a rather attractive “she” things would be different.

Kind of like teachers sexing middle and high school students.  If the offenders were male, they’d be raked over the coals and publicly shamed (as they should).  The female offenders generally tend to not be discussed or even punished as much.

In short, this is the mother of all double-standards.

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  1. Solo is protected by “white privilege.” Rice, Hardy and McD don’t have that option.

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