Thoughts on 2015 NFL Free Agency

NFLWell, the NFL’s free agency period is here – and the magnitude of player movement does not disappoint.  Here are a few observations I made this early into the signing/trading period.

The Indianapolis Colts are going “all-in” in 2015.

The Colts signed RB Frank Gore and WR Andre Johnson earlier in the week.  Great moves by the Colts if I do not say so myself.

You have to believe that Andrew Luck is somewhere doing the “Neutron Dance“.  He finally has dependable weapons to get the ball to and doesn’t have to do it all himself.  I think the Colts brass learned that they cannot win in the postseason with Luck shouldering such a heavy load.

Ya think last year’s playoff loss to the New England Patriots didn’t inspire Indy to get better on the offensive side of the ball?  I didn’t think so.

The Miami Dolphins WAY overpaid for Ndamukong Suh.

It’s not everyday when you see a defensive tackle gets paid more than the top quarterbacks in the NFL.  $114 million contract with an NFL-record $60 million guaranteed.   That’s a lot of money for a dude who since 2010, he amassed 36 sacks and 239 tackles.

I’m sure Suh will help the Dolphins’ run defense, which ranked 24th last season (while Detroit had the top-ranked run defense with Suh anchoring the line).  I’m just saying that it’s a lot of money to be tied up into one dude while Miami needs more offensive weapons to help QB Ryan Tannenhill.

Besides, what if Suh reverts to his “Mr. Stomp A Lot” and miss some time?  Would it be worth it then?

The New York Jets look a lot better right now.

Those cheers we are hearing are from Darrelle Revis coming back to the Jets.  Was the five-year, $70 million contract (with $39 million guaranteed) Revis signed a bit much?  Sure it was, but if your team has a chance to bring in the best cover corner in the NFL (sorry Richard Sherman) you’d better believe your ass would be clamoring to bring him in.

The Jets also made another good move in acquiring Brandon Marshall from the Chicago Bears.  That gives QB Geno Smith (or whomever will be the starting QB) a big-time weapon in the passing game.

Patriot Nation may not be happy about Revis leaving, but at least its Patriots have a Super Bowl win to show for his services.  Right?

What in the hell is Chip Kelly doing?

Where in the hell do I begin with this guy?

First of all, Kelly got rid of deep threat DeSean Jackson last season.  Kelly then traded away his best offensive player in LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills for an injured linebacker (who was a stud his rookie season).  He had Frank Gore renege on a promise to sign with the Eagles.

And now he traded QB Nick Foles for Sam “My Ass Is Always Injured” Bradford?  Really?

I understand a coach wanting to mold a team into his own image, and that there is nothing wrong with coaches trusting their systems.  But this shit is ridiculous.

Kelly is trying to turn the Eagles into the Oregon Ducks right before our eyes.

I wrote a rant saying that systems do not win in the NFL, good players do.  I think Kelly is going to learn that the hard way after making all of those silly-ass moves.

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