2015 Super Bowl XLIX Preview

Super Bowl XLIX(Shameless Plug Alert: check out my Super Bowl preview podcast here…)

With all the talk of “Deflate-Gate”, I am glad as hell that Super Bowl XLIX is almost here.  And what a matchup this is.

Both teams come into this game as the top dogs in their respective conferences – and for good reason.  The Patriots do employ a coach and QB named Bill Bellicheat and Tom Brady, respectively.  And the Seahawks have The Legion of Boom led by Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman.

The Patriots are a much tougher team than the one who played the Seahawks in last year’s Super Bowl: the Denver Broncos.  In addition to Brady, New England has a tough tight end, who happens to be a stud, in Rob Gronkowski.  And while the receivers do not scare anyone talent-wise, they do have a tough crew led by Julian Edelman.  Even though I think this dude is a quitter for what he did to my Pittsburgh Steelers, LeGarrette Blount is a beast running the football and has been a rough-rider in these playoffs.

I like the Pats’ D a lot.  They have an excellent secondary led by Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner.  Vince Wolfork is a beast up the middle.  The linebacker crew is underrated thanks to the likes of Jamie Collins.  In short, this defense is a bit tougher and a lot more talented than last year’s crew.

Even though the Seahawks do not possess the offensive power as it had last season, they are still capable of moving the ball and putting up points if needed.  Seattle is led offensively by QB Russell Wilson and running back Marshawn Lynch.  Even though Golden Tate and Percy Harvin are no longer with Seattle, as long as Wilson can make plays with his legs and Lynch keeps summoning “Beast Mode”, the Seahawks will be fine.

Aside from the aforementioned “Legion of Boom”, Seattle also has a formidable front seven.  Led by Bruce Irvin, Cliff Avril and bicycle enthusiast Michael Bennett, the Seahawks can get after the QB with the best of them – usually without blitzing.

As talented as both offenses are, I think this will be decided by the defenses.  Both defenses have not good but great secondaries, and can create havoc with their respective front sevens.

That being said, I am giving the edge to Seattle’s defense.  Its front four alone will generate more pressure on Brady without having to blitz.  And as we witnessed in the Patriots last two Super Bowl losses (both to the New York Giants), the best way to take down Brady and Co. is to have a ferocious pass rush.  I think that Richard Sherman and Co. can easily take away the likes of Edelman and Danny Amedola.  The only wild card is Gronk, and I am more than confident that he could be controlled by Chancellor.

New England may be much improved on defense, but I don’t think it’s improved enough to keep Wilson inside the pocket where he won’t do as much damage.  And I really do not like the Pats’ chances in slowing down Beast Mode, which means Seattle will be able to pick New England apart on the read-option.

This is going to be a close, low-scoring affair with the Seahawks D and Beast Mode leading Seattle to a back-to-back championship.  Seahawks 17, Patriots 13.  

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  1. Scott, I completely agree with your prediction! Everyone was on the Denver Broncos bandwagon in last year’s SB because of their offense, but it’s D that wins championships. Yes, NE beat IND easily in the AFC Championship however the Colts were an above average team. SEA struggled against GB, but the Packers were the 3rd best team in the NFL. I’m thinking it’ll be a close contest, Seattle 24, New England 21.

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