A Rather Late 2014 Week 15 NFL Preview

NFLFirst of all, my bad on the tardiness.  Been a bit of a slacker today.

Second, let’s get our NFL weekly preview on – shall we?

Game of the Week

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles.  Dallas is riding high off a big road win in Chicago last Thursday night.  I think the memory of that humiliating curb-stomping Philly laid on Dallas on Turkey Day will motivate the Cowboys to play better.  Hell, they couldn’t play any worse.  Meanwhile, Eagles QB Mark Sanchez had come back to earth a bit since then, and he will be the wild-card in this matchup.  I think the Eagles are pissed off at their performance against Seattle, and I believe Philly will be motivated to and will sweep Dallas in a close one.

This is going to be for all the marbles in the NFC East.  That alone should make an already intense rivalry even more insane.  Eagles 27, Cowboys 24. 

The “Gouge Your Eyeballs” Game of the Week

Jets at Titans.  Do I really have a reason to say why this game is such a waste of time?  Fans at this game should either gouge out their eyeballs or suffocate themselves in paper bags.

Ass-Whupping of the Week

Ravens over Jaguars.  Given what’s at stake for Baltimore and how bad Jacksonville is, I’d be shocked if the Ravens are not up by 20 at halftime…

Thursday Night’s Game

Rams over Cardinals (no, really…)

Sunday’s Games

Falcons over Steelers (still not convinced my boys will get up against a sub-.500 team)
Giants over Redskins
Patriots over Dolphins
Chiefs over Raiders
Colts over Texans
Packers over Bills
Panthers over Buccaneers
Bengals over Browns
Broncos over Chargers
Lions over Vikings
Seahawks over 49ers (San Fran is a sinking ship)

Monday’s Game

Bears over Saints (the joke’s on ESPN, and I love it…)

Last week’s record: 10-6 (Not bad, but oh well…)
2014 record to date: 121-73-1 (I’m still chillin’…)

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  1. All Ben Roethlisberger needs to do is had the rock to Le’Veon Bell and let him to the rest. The Dirty Birds will keep it close, but the Steelers will win.

  2. Scott, didn’t I say Pittsburgh would win?! Week 15 = Steelers 27, Falcons 20. Week 16 = KC Chiefs @ Pittsburgh. Now this game may be some tough sledding….

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