2014 Thanksgiving Day Weekend NFL Preview

NFLGames of the Week

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

New England Patriots at Green Bay Packers

Nothing says “awesome NFL weekend” more than a division rivalry game and an intra-conference game pitting two top three teams.  The Eagles-Cowboys game will go a long way in settling the NFC East.  Both teams are by far and away the best in the division – and the fact that they hate each other makes things more fun.  Meanwhile, the Pats-Packers game is a must-see for those who love offense and pretty boy QBs.  This could very well be a Super Bowl preview.

Both games will be high-scoring, defense-optional games.  Whoever has the ball last, wins.  That said, in games were both teams are great and evenly-matched home-field will be the deciding factor.

Cowboys 27, Eagles 24

Packers 30, Patriots 28

“You Need to Get Yourself Laid” Game of the Week

Raiders at Rams.  The title of this game says it all.  Anyone who is willing to admit out loud that they would watch this game needs a “slump-buster” in the worst way.  Only because I have to: Rams over Raiders.

Thanksgiving Day Games

Lions over Bears
Seahawks over 49ers

Sunday’s Games

Colts over Redskins (Think Indy is glad it took Andrew Luck over RGIII?)
Texans over Titans
Browns over Bills
Ravens over Chargers
Giants over Jaguars
Bengals over Buccaneers
Vikings over Panthers
Steelers over Saints
Cardinals over Falcons
Chiefs over Broncos

Monday’s Game

Dolphins over Jets (this should be a curb-stomping of epic proportions…)

Last week’s record: 11-4 (A helluva lot better than last week…)
2014 record to date: 102-60-1 (I’m still in decent shape, for now…)

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