2014 Week 11 NFL Preview

NFLGame of the Week

New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts.  It is apropos that this is a Sunday night prime time matchup.  Tom Brady vs. Adnrew Luck.  The past vs. the future.  While the storylines are juicy, this pretty much comes down to experience.  Both QBs are not playing with a lot of talent offensively.  Both defenses are young and hungry.  So when both teams are similar from a talent and youth perspective, experience will be the ultimate edge.  With Brady and head coach Bill Bellicheat, the Patriots have enough experience and moxie on their side to get the win on the road.  It will be a good one though…  Patriots 21, Colts 17.

“Why in the Hell Are You Watching This Shit?” Games of the Week

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Redskins

Any game involving NFC South teams going forward (save for New Orleans) will get automatic consideration for the shittiest game of the week.  Not only do two of those sorry-ass teams play each other, but another one will be playing yet another sorry-ass team in the Redskins.  Well, at least Washington could bring some RGIII drama to the table – I guess.

Panthers over Falcons
Redskins over Buccaneers

Upset Special

Chiefs over Seahawks.  Arrowhead Stadium is such a hard ass place to get a win.  The Chiefs are competitive and the Seahawks are a good, but flawed team.  And last I checked, flawed teams do not win in Arrowhead.

Thursday’s Game

Dolphins over Bills

Sunday’s Games

Vikings over Bears
Browns over Texans
Saints over Bengals
Broncos over Rams
49ers over Giants
Chargers over Raiders
Packers over Eagles (it’s a chance to see if Mark Sanchez is for real)
Lions over Cardinals (this should be one helluva game between division leaders)

Monday’s Game

Steelers over Titans (why Pittsburgh can’t beat bad teams, I’ll never know.  Are they banging the opposing team’s cheerleaders the night before?)

Last week’s record: 9-4 (Not bad, still better than last week)
2014 record to date: 95-53-1 (I’m still in good shape.  Nice…)

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