2014 NFL Week 7 Preview

NFLGame of the Week

San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos.  This is going to be one helluva game.  One of the league’s best defenses against one of the best offenses.  Patrick Willis vs. Peyton Manning.  Jim Harbaugh vs. John Fox.  Need I say more?  Well, I would except it’s midnight and I REALLY need to take my crusty ass to bed.  One more thing: Mile High will prove to be the Niners’ undoing.  Broncos 27, 49ers 24.

“Your Ass Needs a Hobby” Game of the Week

Tennessee Titans at Washington Redskins.  Do I REALLY have to pick a winner here?  Should I really give a damn?  Oh what the hell…  Redskins over Titans.

Thursday’s Game

Patriots over Jets

Sunday’s Games

Ravens over Falcons
Seahawks over Lambs
Browns over Jaguars
Colts over Bengals
Bills over Vi-Queens
Bears over Dolphins
Lions over Saints
Packers over Panthers
Chargers over Chiefs
Cardinals over Raiders
Cowboys over Giants

Monday’s Game

Steelers over Texans

Last week’s record: 11-3-1 (Getting the good ‘ol mojo back!)
2014 record to date: 56-37-1 (Still chopping that wood…)

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  1. You’ll never have a perfect record if you pick the Steelers every week!

  2. How could you pick the Colts to beat your #1 team??

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