Jameis Winston Needs an Intervention

florida stateI’m starting to wonder about Jameis Winston.

The Florida State quarterback has been suspended for the first half of Saturday’s game against Clemson after he was seen shouting an obscene sexual phrase on campus Tuesday, which is the latest incident in which his off-field behavior has created problems for the team.  The obscene sexual phrase in question was “fuck her right in the pussy!”.

Those who are social media-savvy know that phrase has been used in countless videos.  Here’s a compilation of sorts that will get the blood flowing:

Yeah, that’s not juvenile right?

I have one question: what in the hell is up with Winston?

First of all, he was involved with the alleged sexual assault case last year.  Then he decided to steal some crab legs from a grocery store, while claiming not knowing how those crab legs ended up in his pockets.  And now this.

Let’s get one thing clear: this kid doesn’t get it.  I mean sure, most college kids have done stupid shit at least once on or off campus.  Hell Lord knows I’ve done more than my share of stupid shit.

However, with Winston it is different because he is held to a higher standard.  He is the starting quarterback on the defending national champion Seminoles.  He is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner.  He is also a potential top overall pick in next year’s NFL Draft!

Winston had been suspended for the first half of the big ACC showdown against Clemson this weekend.  I think that’s a rather light punishment considering what all he has gotten away with.

Even with this “punishment”, it’s not as if Florida State officials have done much to curb his questionable behavior.  Whenever Winston ran afoul of the law in the past, FSU officials essentially shrugged their shoulders and waved it off as Jameis being Jameis.

After Winston was caught taking the crab legs and crawfish without paying, he was ordered to complete 20 hours of community service and was suspended from playing in a three-game baseball series against Minnesota.  But FSU football coach Jimbo Fisher didn’t discipline him for the incident.

One of these days Winston’s time will run out and he will be “Law and Order”ed somewhere on Rikers Island.  Besides, doesn’t he realize he is costing himself potential $$$ in his NFL future?  He needs to act like he has some sense fast, quick, and in a hurry.

The sad part is that history has shown that Winston STILL will not get it.  Maybe an intervention (or exorcism) would help?

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