2014 NFL Week 1 Preview

NFLWeek One of the 2014 NFL regular season is here!  In fact, it starts tonight with the Seattle Seahawks hosting the Green Bay Packers on NBC.


As with previous seasons, I will keep a running tally of my own win-loss record on my picks starting in Week Two.  I will also give y’all my Game of the Week, and “Who Gives a BLEEP?” game of the week starting next week.  It’s too damn early to assign any game either of those labels, plus I’m just too damn happy to have the NFL back.

And as always, your input and your own prognostications are more than welcome.

So without further ado, let’s get this party started – shall we?

Thursday’s Game

Seahawks over Packers

Sunday’s Games

Steelers over Browns
Saints over Falcons (VERY underrated rivalry)
Rams over Vikings
Eagles over Jaguars
Jets over Raiders
Ravens over Bengals
Bears over Bills
Redskins over Texans
Chiefs over Titans
Patriots over Dolphins
Buccaneers over Panthers
49ers over Cowboys
Broncos over Colts

Monday’s Games

Lions over Giants
Cardinals over Chargers


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wild Banshee says:

    You keep posting these before the Thursday night kickoff, and you’re gonna hurt your chances at winning the barbecue sauce. Or at least help everyone else’s chances.

    1. klownboy says:

      LMAO, that’s what I am here for…

    2. klownboy says:

      Also the price to pay for being a sports “pundit”…

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