Kevin Love Makes the Cavs the Favorites in the East

254px-NBA_Logo.svg_It’s a wrap.

Hell I might as well say so now since Kevin Love is now officially a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers by way of a 3-team trade that saw the top overall pick Andrew Wiggins dealt to the Minnesota Timberwolves and a few scrubs sent to the Philadelphia 76ers. 

To me, there is nothing NOT to love about the trade – at least from the Cavs’ point of view.  Cleveland receives one of the most talented young big men in the game that produces 20+ points, 10+ rebounds night in and night out.  In Love, LeBron James finally gets a productive big man who could bang down low and score on the perimeter.  This also gives Cleveland a new and improved “Big Three” that includes James, Love and point guard Kyrie Irving.

Now the Cavs’ projected starting lineup includes Irving, Dion Waiters, James, Love and Anderson Varejao.  That group should win AT LEAST 57 games this season. 

I mean, look at the rest of the East. 

The Miami Heat, led by Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, want to try and prove James wrong for leaving them, but I do not trust Wade’s knees.  The Charlotte Hornets and Washington Bullets – ERRRR I mean “Wizards” – are good up-and-coming teams, but are too green to make some noise in the playoffs.  The Indiana Pacers will be without Paul George for most of next season thanks that horrific injury during a Team USA scrimmage.  And my New York Knicks are a one-man band with Carmelo Anthony leading the way.

The Chicago Bulls figure to be the Cavs main rivals to win the East, but Derrick Rose’s knees may betray him once again.

In other words, the Eastern Conference is the Cavs’ to lose.

Now I know what some of you all may be thinking: what about Wiggins?  Look, I know Wiggins is going to be a stud in this league.  He is tenacious on the defensive end.  His upside is off the charts.  He may be the next superstar in the NBA.

However, Wiggins is not the best ball-handler at this point of his career.  His jump shot is not consistent, and he frankly needs a bit more meat on his bones.  In short, Wiggins may take a while – by that I mean at least 2-3 seasons – to develop into a bonafide star in this league.  Something tells me that James does not want to wait a while for Wiggins to help him win a third NBA title.

Enter the need to acquire Love.

The Eastern Conference is going to be hella fun to watch this season.  It’s as wide open as it’s been in years.  In getting Love, the Cavs are going to take advantage of that wide-open landscape.

I’d be beyond shocked if Cleveland does not represent the East in the 2015 NBA Finals.


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