Jason Kidd Is Not to Be Trusted

254px-NBA_Logo.svg_Jason Kidd will be the new coach of the Milwaukee Bucks, even though he was still in the beginning of his head coaching career with the Brooklyn Nets.

A head-scratcher you say?

No need to consider that the case when Kidd wanted more power and looked to the Bucks as a lifeline after falling out with Nets’ management, even though the Bucks already had a head coach in Larry Drew.  This was in spite of the Bucks also telling Kidd that he would not have personnel power in addition to his head coaching duties.

Still scratching your heads?

Well, if any of you are a wee bit familiar with Kidd’s past, you shouldn’t be surprised at all.

Remember how he clashed with Byron Scott in 2004, which led to Scott’s ouster, and how he allegedly quit on the team by faking a migraine in order to miss a game in 2008.  Mind you, Scott was the coach who helped lead the Nets to BACK-TO-BACK FINALS appearances!

Remember how Kidd turned on top-assistant Lawrence Frank – after Kidd begged ownership to hire him to be his top lieutenant?

And we can go back in time to when he was part of the “Three Js” in Dallas.  First, he got then-new coach Jim Cleamons fired during the latter’s rookie season because he didn’t buy into Cleamons’ philosophies.  Second, Kidd allegedly clashed with his then-buddy Jim Jackson over a chick.  It wouldn’t have been that big of a deal except it torpedoed the chemistry those two built on and off the court, which then led to the locker room chaos which forced the Mavericks to jettison Jackson the following season.

And now (yes, I jumped back to the present), Kidd wanted to supercede general manager Billy King in having a say over personnel matters.  Keep in mind that King, along with the Nets’ brass, willingly took a chance on hiring a dude with NO HEAD COACHING EXPERIENCE to run a team loaded with veterans in a major market – with a “win-now” mentality to boot.

In other words, Kidd has no sense of loyalty.

If the Bucks aren’t careful, Kidd may very well pull this stunt on them.  I mean let’s be honest about something: the Nets are a much, MUCH better franchise than the Bucks.  Did someone fail to tell Kidd that Milwaukee was the worst team in the NBA last season, losing over 65 games?  Given the fact that the Bucks didn’t grant him the front office say he craved in Brooklyn, be rest assured that it will be a matter of time before Kidd acts out.

Kidd is officially the Bobby Petrino of the NBA.

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