Carmelo Anthony Should Head to Chicago

254px-NBA_Logo.svg_As expected, Carmelo Anthony has opted out of his last year of his contract with my New York Knicks.

For the record, Anthony can sign a maximum contract worth $129 million over five years with the Knicks.  He can sign a maximum deal worth $96 million over four years with another team.

So this basically comes down to this: what is more important to ‘Melo – getting paid or winning  ?

If getting paid is more important, he should obviously stay in New York.  As mentioned earlier, he’ll make over $30 million more.  He would be able to expand his brand through Wall Street thanks to owner James Dolan’s connections.

And there is something about balling in New York City that appealed to Anthony.  After all, he forced his way out of Denver to come to Gotham.  And there is not brighter lights than New York City (okay, MAYBE Los Angeles).  Plus it helps that Phil Jackson is running things in the front office.

However if winning is more important, Anthony should take his talents to Chicago.

Anthony, Derrick Rose (when healthy), Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson would be a formidable core of a team capable of a multi-championship run.  I am also not buying the notion that Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau would not want a defensive liability in Anthony on his squad.  Coach “Thibs” want to win more than most coaches in the NBA, and he doesn’t care if Anthony could play some defense or not.  Noah and the front line would cover for ‘Melo’s defensive lapses.

Look at it this way: if the Bulls had ANYONE who could create his own shot and score, they’d be AT LEAST in the Eastern Conference Finals last playoffs.  The Bulls have arguably the most heart in the NBA.  Adding a bonafide scorer in Anthony would not only make the Bulls a perennial contender, it would bring him closer to getting a championship.

For some reason, I think Anthony will stay in New York.  As stated earlier, he forced his way here, and likes balling in Gotham.

It wouldn’t be a good look if ‘Melo remains a Knick, but it would surely make this longtime Knicks fan happy…

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  1. Exactly right, Klown. Since he doesn’t play defense, whoever he defends would just be funneled into Noah and he can save his energy for scoring. Thibs wouldn’t even have to run plays for him. Ten seconds left on the clock, put it in Carmelo’s hands and you have a good chance of scoring. Even if Rose doesn’t come back totally healthy, they are knocking on the Eastern Conference finals door every year.

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