Knicks Blew it in Not Hiring Mark Jackson

ny-knicks-logoWhen Mark Jackson was fired from the Golden State Warriors, I was hoping that Phil Jackson and my beloved New York Knicks would scoop him up quickly.

After all, it made too much sense.  Mark Jackson is a native New Yorker – and St. John’s graduate – whose career began with the Knicks.  In leading Golden State to back-to-back playoff berths for the first time in forever (including this season’s 51-win campaign), Jackson proved that he could coach.

Hell given how much the players loved him in Golden State, there was reason to believe Carmelo Anthony would stay and actually enjoy playing for Mark Jackson and not pine for Phil Jackson to come down from the front office and coach the team himself.

Now that Mark Jackson was rehired by ESPN to be a game analyst (and did a good job during yesterday’s Miami Heat-Indiana Pacers playoff game), those dreams of mine – and most Knick fans – were dashed.

Now the Knicks are looking at the following cast of characters to coach them:

  • Derek Fisher (too green)
  • Mike Dunleavey (wouldn’t he be too old?)
  • Brian Shaw (his Denver Nuggets suck)
  • Luke Walton (Luke Walton?!!!)
  • Kurt Rambis (are you shittin’ me?)
  • Tyrone Lue (who?!)
  • Bill Cartwright (oh Lawd)

Yeah, because either of THOSE coaches could return the Knicks to respectability.  Good luck convincing ‘Melo to stick around to be coached by any of those jokers.

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