Something Ain’t Right about DeSean Jackson’s Release

NFLThere are times where I step back and wonder aloud “something ain’t right”.

The Philadelphia Eagles cutting DeSean Jackson last Friday is one of those times.  This comes on the same day reports surfaced of his alleged gang activity/support via the website

Look, I understand that Jackson was, according to most “in the know”, a royal pain in the ass.  I’ve seen his histrionics on the field, most notably when he blew up at his position coach on the field at Oakland.  I do know that the Eagles have a plethora of talent on offense that could make head coach Chip Kelly’s offense thrive in stud LeSean “Shady” McCoy, a health Jeremy Maclin, newly acquired Darren Sproles, and the bigoted Riley Cooper.

I also know that Jackson committed the sin of wishing he was paid more after a home playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints.  That did not sit well with fans, and apparently not with Kelly as well.  Kelly figures that he now has more than enough talent on offense to move on from Jackson.

That said, I have a big problem with folks who intentionally sully a guy’s name.  First of all, that report in had to come from the Eagles’ organization.  What would anyone else seek to gain from leaking Jackson’s alleged gang ties?

What makes this “leak” even more messed up is that Jackson’s childhood teachers, coaches and family friends all swore that he is not a member of – or even affiliated with – gangs.  While all of those folks would not say that he was a choir boy, they do not think he is a true gangster in any form or fashion.  Also, keep in mind that Jackson has never been arrested or even thought of to be a person of interest in any crime.

And let’s be honest about something here: do we REALLY think that Philly didn’t know about any suspicious off-field activities from Jackson before a few days ago?  Hell everyone knew that perceived character issues were reasons Jackson dropped into the second round to begin with.  So the report making the Eagles nervous is, frankly, bullshit to me.

It’s time for the Eagles organization to come correct.

If Kelly was tired of Jackson’s diva act and thinks that his offense would be just fine without Jackson, just say it.  If the Eagles’ front office didn’t think that Jackson was worth the huge cap number this season, just admit it.

Just don’t sully Jackson’s name for no reason.

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  1. Klown I am a lifelong Eagles fan. Let me be out front with that fact. When we got Desean we had 0 receivers. That was our achilles heel. Jackson was a breath of fresh air, a true playmaker. He gave us, the fans, a hell of a lot of memories. However his act has totally gotten old. I personally will never forgive him for 2011 where he bitched and cried and pouted all season long. I was against giving him a big contract from the beginning. So needless to say that I am absolutely fine with his release. He makes too much money, is a pain in the ass, and needed to go. But I do agree that you dont have to discredit him on the way out the door. It seems silly. Teams, good teams, cut popular players all the time. How is this any different? I just dont see the reason to make disparaging remarks. Its rather imature. Also I wonder how this will affect the perception of Kelly and the organization around the league. That should be considered as well.

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