The Curious Case of Melo to the Bulls

254px-NBA_Logo.svg_Carmelo Anthony has been making some headlines as of late.

First of all, he is one of the NBA’s biggest stars – who happens to play for one of the sorriest disappointments in my New York Knicks.  Second, he is eligible to opt out of his contract after this season and test the free agent market.  While Melo says his heart is in New York and is his first choice is to remain a Knick, why in the hell would he return to this mess?

And finally, Chicago’s Joakim Noah has been openly recruiting Melo to become a member of the Bulls next season.

Allow me to be ESPN’s Chris Broussard and analyze this for a bit.  As I said earlier, why in the hell would Melo remain a Knick after this season?  As looney and inept as Knicks’ owner James Dolan has been since he assumed ownership, he had to have been beyond delusional in thinking that Melo would not walk away from New York at season’s end.  Sure Melo will make more money staying in New York, but will the possibly of losing night in and night out be worth the extra loot?

As much as it pains me to write this, I think Melo would be better off in Chi-town.  First of all, the Bulls are a better team than the Knicks – and that’s without superstar point guard Derrick Rose.  And while the Bulls would lose a few pieces to make the salaries fit (Taj Gibson, Mike Dunleavy, and possibly Jimmy Butler would have to be moved), there is still much to love about a Melo-Rose-Noah triumvirate.

The Bulls have the coaching staff lead by Tom Thibodeau would ensure Melo that Chicago will always be in the mix year in and year out.  The Knicks’ coaching staff?  Hell, who would want to coach this bunch in New York next season?  John Calipari?  I don’t think so.

My advice to Melo: run like hell to Chicago homie.

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  1. hey klownboy how’s it going? Personally regarding a S&T deal with the Bulls, the cap is expected to rise to 75.7 million next year and Reinsdorf has shown a willingness to spend more if championship aspirations are within reach. The only deal the Knicks could get now due to them holding on to Melo for too long would most likely be Boozer, maybe Dunleavy if you have to, Chicago’s first rounder in 2015 and Portland’s second rounders acquired in the Deng deal. If the Knicks are smart, they could flip Boozer to a contending squad like the Raptors or some other contending squad for dead weight and second rounders since he has value as an expiring and Dunleavy could net you an expiring and a second. Man what a mess this is.

    • sorry. Meant to say the cap will rise to 62.7M, however the luxury tax will rise to 75.7M and sadly if the Knicks get the offer like the one I mentioned, they should just take it since nobody will be dumb enough to pay what the Knicks did for him and the ever true phase comes in “beggars can’t be choosers”. Hell, even Melo would be willing to take a pay cut to say 16-18 million with incentives if it means being on a title contender.

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