Not Feeling the Granger Trade from the Pacers

220px-Indiana_Pacers.svgWhen I first heard the news that the Indiana Pacers traded Danny Granger to the tanking Philadelphia 76ers for Evan Turner and some other scrub, I liked the trade for the Pacers.  After all, they were getting a young up-and-comer in Turner and had rid themselves of Granger’s $13 million contract.  No sixth man should be paid $13 mil.

Now when I think about it, I’m not so sure.

I know that Granger was a sixth man playing behind a soon to be superstar in Paul George.  I also know that Granger is still working his way back from an assortment of injuries, namely patellar tendinosis that caused him to miss all but five games last season.

But I do know that you should never ruin a good thing – especially if that good thing had championship potential.  The Pacers had the best record in the horrific (the Miami Heat notwithstanding) Eastern Conference heading into the All-Star break.  Granger had already settled in as a sixth man and did not do anything to upset the Pacers’ chemistry.

Plus, George really loved Granger.  He took to twitter and Instagram to convey his sadness over Granger leaving the Pacers.

Indiana gets a player in Turner, who while has a big upside, has not done a lot to justify being the second overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft.  To me, the trade was too damn risky to fuck up what might have been a championship season.  For the sake of Pacers fans, let’s hope that Turner catches on quickly and not be a big drop off from Granger.

Speaking of Granger, don’t feel to bad for him.  Even though the wretched Sixers traded for him, Granger may buy his way out of Philadelphia and land on a title contender – say, the Heat?

Sucks for the Pacers…

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