Jonathan Martin – not Richie Incognito – Was the True Villian

dolphins-2013-logoI am about to say something I thought would never come out of my mouth: I need to apologize to Richie Incognito.

Incognito was called by a racist piece of crap by most media members and fans (including yours’ truly) for the n-words he dropped on Martin in several text messages.  Most branded Incognito a bully who was out of control in the Miami Dolphins’ locker room.  Again, I was on that bandwagon.

I just wish I knew that Martin was a willing participant.

Judging from the text messages that were exchanged between Incognito and Martin not only were both men juvenile and boorish as hell, they were apparently friends – GOOD friends.  So to me, when Martin saw his boy Incognito get racked over the coals and labeled a “bully”, he should have done something to defend his friend.  That is the problem I have with Martin.

Here is the “guy code” that most men live by: never leave your boy hanging.  Martin not only left his boy Incognito hanging, he left Richie’s ass flailing in the wind.

It seems to me that Martin is sick and tired of playing football, and used Incognito as a shield in doing so.  Not only was that cowardly, it’s straight punk-ish.

Again, this is not to absolve Incognito of his past transgressions.  He is STILL a neanderthal who is SEVERAL years behind in maturity level.  He just got a really raw deal here in terms of being at fault with the Martin fiasco.

My bad Richie…

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