Super Bowl XLVIII Preview

when-is-2014-super-bowl-xlviii-details2014 Super Bowl

Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos.  Honestly, this is the best Super Bowl matchup I have seen in recent memory.  Two teams with the two best records in the league – the best in their respective conferences.  The #1-ranked defense (Seattle) going against the #1-ranked offense (Denver).

I really, REALLY, love this matchup.

The Seahawks bring a lot to the table defensively.  Even though they are well-rounded on that side of the ball, it’s their secondary – a.k.a. “The Legion of Boom” – that carries that defense.  We all know that my new favorite NFL player Richard Sherman is the best cornerback in the league.  His eight interceptions this season – which led the league, by the way – proves that.  But how about those safeties?  In addition to being playmakers, Kam Chancellor (three interceptions) and Eric Thomas (five interceptions) will knock you the bleep out.

Seattle is not bad offensively, though a bit limited.  Its receivers do not exactly impart fear in opposing defenses, and generally do not do a good job in terms of getting separation from defensive backs.  That said, you have to give it up for running back Marshawn Lynch – especially when he is in “Beast Mode”.  And there is so much to love about QB Russell Wilson.  He is a great leader who shows poise on the field and grace off of it.

There is so much to love about Denver’s offense.  It all starts with QB Peyton Manning.  He only set the NFL record for touchdown passes in a season (55).  The Broncos’ top four receivers – Demaryius Thomas (14), Julius Thomas (12), Eric Decker (11) and Wes Welker (10) – all have at least 10 touchdown receptions.  Running back Knowshon Moreno had over 1,000 rushing to go with 10 rushing TDs.

Denver’s D has really improved this season.  Though it is barely a top-20 defense, it was better than being dead fucking last in 2012.  Well, that’s about it.

I was leaning towards picking Seattle to win the Super Bowl, but a few things crossed my mind.

First of all, I do not think that the Seahawks can keep up with the Broncos offensively.  Denver is known to score a lot of points in a hurry, and Seattle does not have the personnel to consistently score over 28 points per game.  Second, and most importantly, Sherman cracked on Peyton.  I don’t care how good a defensive player you are, you never EVER talk junk to Peyton.  Something tells me Manning is looking to light Sherman’s ass up.

Broncos 28, Seahawks 20.

Bonus prediction: Manning will retire a two-time Super Bowl champion and go out on top – y’all heard it here first (I think).

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