ACC Football Has Arrived – Sort Of…

PrintFor those who do not know, I am a big – check that, HUGE – fan of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

I grew up in near Winston-Salem, North Carolina, only 12 miles away from Wake Forest University.  I grew up pulling for Florida State Seminole football (my mother’s family comes from Tallahassee, Florida).  I hold a Bachelor’s – and one of my Master’s – degree from North Carolina State University.

I’ve written a few rants on my feelings on ACC football here, here, here, and here.  When the conference of my youth let me down, I wrote this.

Given the information I shared, let’s just say that I am in a good mood today.  In fact, I have been doing a happy dance in my head for most of the work day.

Not only did my Seminoles win the BCS national championship last night, they beat an SEC team (Auburn) while doing so.

Y’all don’t understand the inferiority complex ACC fans have had towards SEC football.  The inferiority complex has been with us for years – almost a decade.  The SEC and ACC shared the same footprint before the latter expanded to include Pitt and Syracuse (and Louisville in 2014).  Few of the ACC teams have long-standing rivalries with SEC teams (Florida State-Florida, Georgia Tech-Georgia, Clemson-South Carolina) which for the better part of a decade had been dominated by those SEC teams.

And now we ACC fans can FINALLY rejoice at the end of a college football season.  WE WON A BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP AND BEAT AN SEC TEAM WHILE DOING SO!!!

Now I will say this: the ACC is not all the way there yet.  Teams in the conference have to be consistent threats to the national championship year in and year out – and it can’t be just Florida State (Miami, Clemson, and Virginia Tech I am looking at y’all).

Moreover, the SEC is not going anywhere.  It will be the big, bad-ass conference as long as its coaches continue to recruit well and play in big games.

As for me, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this.  The best is yet to come.  #GoACC!

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