In Its Last Year, BCS Gets it Right

250px-Bcs_logo_2010#1 Florida State will play #2 Auburn in the Bowl Championship Series’ National Championship game in the Rose Bowl next month.  And I must say, as usual, the BCS got it right.

You see, the sole purpose of the BCS is to pit the two best teams together.  Again, the TWO BEST TEAMS.  Based on the play of this season, it’s obvious that the Seminoles and Tigers are the best two teams.

Florida State has more than passed the “eye test”.  It had thoroughly dominated the teams on its schedule.  It blew away a good Clemson team (the same Clemson team that beat a full strength Georgia team earlier in the season) on the road during prime time.  It made a mockery out of a good Miami Hurricanes a few weeks later.  And it blew away a good Duke team that came into the ACC Championship Game on a nine-game winning streak.

And to those folks who have been bitching about the Seminoles’ weak strength of schedule such as ESPN’s Mike Lupica and CBS Sports’ Gregg Doyel, teams cannot control how their conference members perform, and schedules are set often years in advance.  (I made the same argument for Ohio State)

Keep in mind that things in college football runs in cycles.  Alabama and Auburn haven’t always been good in the same year.  Remember this: the SEC was just okay for the most part during the ’80s and 90s.  So yes, believe it or not it could happen again to that conference.

And speaking of the SEC, what better way for the BCS to go out than to pit a representative from the strongest college football in the country against arguably the most dominant team in college football.  Auburn is a team of destiny.  Just look at the way it won its final two regular season games.  If you don’t know how the Tigers won those games vs. Georgia and Alabama by now, you’ve been living under a rock for too long.

Aside from the “Team of Destiny” crap, Auburn has been winning by running the football down its opponents’ throats.  The coolest thing about the Tigers is this: opposing defenses know what is coming, yet they have yet to stop it.  The great Alabama couldn’t stop it.  Georgia couldn’t stop it.  Texas A&M couldn’t stop it (nor other offenses for that matter).  Missouri couldn’t stop it in the SEC title game.

I will say this: both teams have a game to watch on film on how it could beat the other.  Florida State could and should watch the Auburn-LSU game from now until kickoff.  LSU “held” Auburn to less than 220 yards rushing, but more importantly force its QB Nick Marshall to throw two interceptions.

Meanwhile, Auburn could and should watch the FSU-Boston College game from now until kickoff.  Boston College was not only the one team who truly tested the Seminoles, it actually held a 14-0 lead in the first quarter.  The Eagles were able to stay close to the Seminoles because, like Auburn, they have a great running game led by Heisman candidate Andre Williams.

The more I am write, the more I am loving this #1-#2 matchup.  Way to go BCS – you got it right on the way out…

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  1. I dont think it is going to be a great game. Not because Auburn is unworthy, but rather FSU has over a month to prepare for Auburn’s unique attack. The Seminoles also have the horses to get after Tre Mason and company. I think FSU wins handily. Nice write up.

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