Tomlin Got Away with One

dm_131204_nfl_werder_tomlin_fined_100kPittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin apologized in a press conference two days ago for being in the wrong place at the wrong time during Thanksgiving night’s game vs. the Baltimore Ravens.  More specifically, for standing too damn close to the field when Baltimore’s Jacoby Jones almost (and should have) taken the kickoff to the house.

Tomlin sounded contrite.  He appeared humble.  And I truly believe he tried his best to be as “transparent” as possible.  Tomlin knew that he was going to get fined, and was probably fearful that he was going to get hammered in the form of not only a big six-figure fine, but also a possible suspension and a loss of a draft pick (or two).

Well, NFL commissioner/warden/playa hater/complete bastard Roger Goodell did fine Tomlin to the tune of $100,000 yesterday afternoon.  The problem is that he got over – big time.

As most of you all know, I am a HUGE Steelers fan.  I am also a big fan of Tomlin’s.  I do not think that he has been given enough credit for the job he has done in coaching my Steelers.

However, I do believe in being objective and fair.  Tomlin cheated.  He knew he cheated.

Are we to believe Tomlin when he said he had no idea where he was at on the football field during Jones’ kickoff return right after his Steelers scored to cut the lead to 13-7?  And did y’all see Tomlin smirk after Jones was tackled from behind because said kickoff returner slowed and moved to avoid hitting him?  Hey Mike, are you sure you didn’t mean to impede on Jones’ kickoff return?

That’s why I think Tomlin got over.  Hell, he should have been dealt with more harshly than the $100,000 fine.  I thought Goodell was going to suspend him for at least a game.  And I thought the fine would have been a lot greater, possibly in the neighborhood of Patriots coach Bill Bellicheat for his role in “Spygate” way back when.

And while I think a possible loss of a draft pick would be more than excessive, the punishment the NFL levied upon Tomlin was a little more than a slap on the wrist.

I guess I should give Goodell some love for not coming down too hard on a Steeler.  NAH, I still hate that fucker…

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