2013 Week 12 NFL Preview

NFL-LogoGame of the Week

Denver Broncos at New England Patriots.  Gee, that was hard.  Any game pitting Peyton Manning against Tom Brady gets my vote for “game of the week” anytime.  I like where Denver is heading.  It is coming off a big win last Sunday night over the Chiefs, and the momentum is clearly on the Broncos side heading into Foxborough.  The Patriots are a deflated bunch after losing to the Panthers on a controversial penalty reversal last Monday night.  While I don’t think it would affect its performance against Denver this coming Sunday night, New England will be undermanned on the defensive side of the ball due to injuries to its starters.  I don’t like ANY team’s chances if its defense goes into a game against Peyton undermanned, even if it is New England.  Broncos 30, Patriots 23.

“Who Gives a Crap?” Games of the Week

Jaguars over Texans

Raiders over Titans.  To the announcers calling those games: y’all better pack a lot of booze and weed to get through those bore-fests.  Any fan attending either of those games need Dr. Phil and prayer in the worst way.

Thursday’s Game

Saints over Failcons

Sunday’s Games

Steelers over Browns
Lions over Buccaneers
Packers over Vikings (I don’t care if Pee-Wee Herman plays QB for Green Bay, the Vikings’ QBs are worse)
Chiefs over Chargers
Bears over Rams
Panthers over Dolphins
Ravens over Jets
Cardinals over Colts
Giants over Cowboys

Monday’s Game

49ers over Redskins (Shanahan’s ass must be burning from sitting on a scalding hot seat)

Last week’s record: 11-4 (MUCH better than last week…)
Year-to-date: 95-51*
*keep in mind I was on vacation in Mexico during week 2, so my record does not include that week

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  1. Kudos Klownboy on a most excellent Week 11!!! Again, I agree with almost all your picks except I just can’t pick JAX @ HOU. The Texans are a better team than their records indicates and picking the Jags to win on the road – I can’t do! The other game I differ with is DEN @ N.E. Tom Brady has won 9 of 13 vs. Peyton Manning and the Patriots’ record since 2010 during the second half of the season is 24 – 2. The weather Sunday night is forecast to be snowing, cold and windy – which favors Brady. This could very well turn into a game of who has the better running backs and I like Stevan Ridley and LeGarrette Blount over Knowshon Moreno and Monte Ball. The Broncos may be distracted with their rematch with the Chiefs @ KC in week 13. Patriots 24, Broncos 21.

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