2013 NFL Week 11 Preview

NFL-LogoGame of the Week

Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos.  I’ve been waiting for the match-up for the last four weeks.  For one, this is a chance for all of America to see if the Chiefs are for real.  Let’s face it Chiefs fans, y’all haven’t played anyone worth a damn at this point.  Now it’s your chance to prove all of us wrong.  Second, I am looking forward to see how Peyton Manning plays against a statistically very good defense.  I have always thought the Broncos are the best team in the NFL.  And I think the Chiefs will find that out too.  At Denver.  In prime-time.  Broncos 27, Chiefs 17.

Lame-Ass Game of the Week

Arizona Cardinals at Jacksonville Jaguars.  Talk about two teams no one – including their fans – gives a damn about.  Anyone who has to call this game for TV should either submit a letter of resignation or kill himself.  Cardinals should win this one.

Thursday’s Game

Colts over Titans (Tennessee should be ashamed of themselves for losing to the damn Jaguars)

Sunday’s Games

Jets over Bills
Bears over Ravens
Bengals over Browns (who would’ve thought the Browns would be in a big division game this late in the season?)
Redskins over Eagles
Steelers over Lions
Falcons over Buccaneers
Raiders over Texans
Chargers over Dolphins
Saints over 49ers
Giants over Packers
Seahawks over Vikings

Monday’s Game

Panthers over Patriots

Last week’s record: 8-6 (that’s damn-near mediocre yo…)
Year-to-date: 84-47*
*keep in mind I was on vacation in Mexico during week 2, so my record does not include that week

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  1. Raiders over Titans?! The Raiders play Houston…. Who do you like?

  2. Thank you for your prediction, however I’m picking Houston over Oakland. Terrelle Pryor is an up and coming QB, but his last 3 games have been below average. Pryor has passed for 43/86 for 498 yds. = 50.0%, 5 TDs, 10 INTs, 69.0 QBR vs. PIT, vs. PHI, @ NYG. Case Keenum has passed for 57/102 for 822 yds. = 55.8%, 7 TDs, 0 INTs, 105.1 QBR @ ARI, vs. IND & @ KC. The Raiders have an 0 – 4 road record, given up 36 sacks and Pryor is nursing an MCL right knee. Throw in J.J. Watt chasing Pryor and I’m taking the Houston Oilers….Texans!

  3. Congrats on your prediction the Raiders would beat the Texans! For the record: OAK 28, HOU 23. Who would’ve thought that Matt McGloin, the Raiders rookie replacement QB would not only start, but pass 18/32 for 197 yds. and 3 TDs.

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