Who Rocked and Who Sucked – Week 5

NFL-LogoWho Rocked

Geno Smith.  Smith did not put up any statistically impressive numbers.  He didn’t throw for 300 yards – hell he didn’t even crack 200.  But that didn’t mean the young brother was not efficient.  Smith finished completing 80% of his passes (16 for 20) accumulating 199 yards and three touchdowns.  Most important stat: NO TURNOVERS.  Good for Geno.  This may be a turning point for him.

Terrelle Pryor.  As with the case with Smith, Pryor didn’t blow anyone away on the stat sheet.  But again, Pryor was efficient.  Here was his stat line: 18/23 for 221 yards and two touchdown passes – and NO TURNOVERS (unlike his counterpart Philip Rivers’ three INTs).

Peyton Manning and Tony Romo.  I do not care of Romo threw a last-minute costly interception.  He threw for over 500 yards and FIVE touchdowns.  Y’all need to blame the loss more on the Cowboys’ D for not stopping Manning.  Speaking of which, Manning once again blew up the stat sheet: completed 33 out of 42 passes for 414 yards and four touchdowns.

Cincinnati Bengals’ defense.  It’s one thing to hold the Patriots to single-digits on the scoreboard.  It’s another when Tom Brady’s streak of games of throwing a touchdown pass is snapped.  I loved the Bengals’ D before the season, and I am loving it even more now.

Who Sucked

Matt Schaub.  Schaub is the first quarterback in NFL history to throw a pick-6 in four straight games, including his first pass against the 49ers Sunday night.  And he threw two more INTs after the aforementioned pick-6.  God bless this dude.

Carolina Panthers.  Something is not passing the smell test in Charlotte.  QB Cam Newton is playing like Fig Newton and continues to underwhelm.  The Panthers had NO BUSINESS losing to a bad Arizona team.  The fact that the Cardinals beat them by double-digits should alone seal head coach Ron Rivera’s fate.

Jacksonville Jaguars.  Just when I thought things could not get worse for the Jags, they looked even worse against the Rams.  St. Louis easily dispatched the Jags, making it more likely that Jacksonville will not win a game this season.  Someone should be placing a call to Tim Tebow ASAP.

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