2013 Week 4 NFL Preview

NFL-LogoGame of the Week

Miami Dolphins at New Orleans Saints.  This is what the suits of ESPN had been praying about for a long time: a meaningful Monday night matchup in the first quarter of the season.  Both teams are 3-0.  Most notably, the Dolphins are a legit 3-0.  And guess what else – the Saints have a defense (long live Rob Ryan!).  Most of us – at least I did – knew that the Saints would be back with a vengeance this season thanks to coach Sean Payton roaming the sidelines again.  And I do not think we have seen the Saints at their best yet.

Miami is more competitive than I had imagined.  Sure it’s still early, but the Dolphins are looking mighty good three games into the season.  This should be competitive to the end.  In games like this, you gotta give it to the home team.  Saints 27, Dolphins 20.

Dud of the Week

Pittsburgh Steelers at Minnesota Vikings.  In a game that was originally billed as a matchup between two competitive teams, the NFL must be disappointed.  Shoot, fuck the NFL how pissed do you think those poor English fans are feeling right now?  “I’d like my tea and some Man U. soccer matches please…” Oh yeah: Vikings over Steelers.

*Update: Christian Ponder will be out vs. the Steelers, meaning backup Matt Cassell will ge the start, which should (and will) equate to a Steelers win.

Thursday’s Game

49ers over Rams (the Niners can’t lose three games in a row, right?)

Sunday’s Games

Ravens over Bills
Bengals over Browns
Bears over Lions
Chiefs over Giants (say hello to 0-4 Giants fans)
Cardinals over Buccaneers (coach Schiano is on the clock)
Colts over Jaguars
Seahawks over Texans
Titans over Jets
Broncos over Eagles
Redskins over Raiders (this is the ultimate “slump-buster” for RGIII)
Cowboys over Chargers
Patriots over Falcons

Last week’s record: 8-8 (damn I sucked)
Year-to-date: 20-12*
*keep in mind I was on vacation in Mexico during week 2, so this includes just Weeks 1 and 3

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  1. WTF Klown….Is your mind still on vacation in Mexico?! Your last prediction has the Titans over Falcons. I assume you meant Patriots over Falcons?

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