2013 Week 3 NFL Preview

NFL-LogoI’m back in the saddle after a week of paradise.  Basically my wife surprised me with a pre-40th birthday in Mexico’s Mayan Riviera outside of Cancun all of last week.  If that wasn’t enough, she invited some college buds of mine and their wives to hang with us.  As you could tell, I had no bandwidth to preview last week’s game.  Ah, such great times, but anyway…

Game of the Week

Green Bay Packers at Cincinnati Bengals.  I call this matchup the “Missouri Game” because Cincinnati has to show me if it’s truly for real or not.  Sure there was the nice Monday night win over my Steelers, and frankly if it were not for some bonehead plays late in the Chicago game the Bengals would be 2-0.  However if Cincy thinks it is the Super Bowl contender many (including yours’ truly) made it out to be, it has to play well against another contender in Green Bay.  This is an obvious battle of strength (Packers’ O) vs. strength (Bengals’ D).  I think the Bengals’ nasty defense will have the edge over Rodgers and the Packers at home.  Bengals 24, Packers 20.

Thursday’s Game

Chiefs over Eagles

Sunday’s Games

Saints over Cardinals
Cowboys over Rams
Titans over Chargers
Vikings over Browns
Patriots over Buccaneers
Redskins over Lions
Giants over Panthers
Texans over Ravens
Falcons over Dolphins
Bills over Jets
49ers over Colts
Seahawks over Jaguars
Steelers over Bears (this is a MUST-WIN game for my Steelers)

Monday’s Game

Broncos over Raiders

Last week’s record: 12-4

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  1. The question here is, “Were the Bengals that good or the Steelers that bad?” IMHO, Pittsburgh looked terrible on both offense and defense. Although Cincy has surpassed the Steelers in the AFC North, I don’t believe they’re better than the Packers. GB 28, CIN 20.

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