Patriots Make Smart Move in Signing Tebow

new-england-patriots-logoI don’t say this too often, and I hope not to ever again.

“Bravo, New England.”

The Patriots made the acquisition heard ’round the world when they signed Tim Tebow.  Some have questioned it.  Others have said a few positive things about it.

I’ll say this – this was one savvy move for New England.  First of all, if any team could handle and meet Tebowmania at the pass it’s New England.  If there is any coach who is able to withstand Tebow Nation, it’s Bill Bellicheat.  Bellicheat has the cache, the coaching acumen, and security that the “foot doctor” Rex Ryan only wish he had.

It’s not like Tebow will be playing behind a fragile starting quarterback.  It’s Tom Freaking Brady.  I don’t think Brady will be looking over his shoulders at Tebow whenever he makes a bad throw.  Plus, what better way for Tebow to learn and improve than to watch how Brady handle his business not only during games, but during practice and classroom time.

In New England, Tebow has one more thing in his favor – support.

It’s support in the form of Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.  For those who do not know (or forgotten), McDaniels drafted Tebow in the first round while he was the coach of the Denver Broncos.  When McDaniels was fired, Tebow lost his biggest supporter despite finishing his rookie season with a 4-2 record, and a 7-4 record as a starter the following season.

I think the triumvirate of Bellicheat, McDaniels, and Brady will help bring Tebow along and develop him slowly.  Tebow has the luxury of learning from arguably the best coach-QB combination in NFL history (I just threw up in my mouth while typing that).

Now whether Tebow is able to shine in limited time as a Patriot remains to be seen.  However, neither Tebow nor the Patriots have anything to lose.

This is easily a win-win all the way around.

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