MJ Doing the Right Thing in Bringing the “Hornets” Back to Charlotte

Charlotte-Hornets1Michael Jordan finally got something right for a change.

Jordan announced that the Charlotte franchise will be known as the Charlotte Hornets starting with the 2014-2015 NBA season.  The process will take about a year’s time due to re-branding, the re-acquisition of digital rights, buying the name back from the NBA, and so on.

This is a classic example of making a change after the “this isn’t working” admission.  From the minute former owner Bob Johnson named the team after himself by calling it the Bobcats, that franchise was destined to struggle.  The fans had a hard time taking to that nickname.  And we won’t mention the public relations transgressions Johnson made along the way.

At least Jordan read the tea leaves and made the name change.  He wisely conducted polls and solicited opinions of fans in the region and the prospect of a name change to “Hornets” was received with overwhelming support.

While Jordan is at it, he may as well go all in with the color change.  Bring back the teal and purple dammit!

Props to Jordan for doing the right thing with his Charlotte franchise.  Now if could only draft better and hire a good coach – or better yet, just staying the hell out of the way…

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