Sergio Garcia Is One Soft Golf Player


Sergio Garcia was feeling good heading into the weekend.

He was near the top of the leader board of The Players Championship, aka “The Fifth Major” at the end of Friday.  He moved into the top spot heading into Sunday’s final round.  In fact, Garcia led Tiger Woods by one shot.

Speaking of Tiger, Garcia hurled a few verbal shots at Tiger along the way.

Garcia suggested that Woods could have shown better judgment in pulling a club from his bag early in their third round, telling NBC during a two-hour weather delay that he felt the timing of Woods’ action distracted him.  Never mind the fact that Woods, surrounded by spectators, would have had a hard time seeing Garcia play his shot, and it’s unlikely he would expect a reaction just because he took a club from his bag.

Garcia later said that Woods is not the nicest guy in the world.  Check out his quote:

“I’m not going to lie, he’s (Woods) not my favorite guy to play with.  He’s not the nicest guy on tour.”

*Sidebar: oh boo-friggin’-hoo Sergio*

Then Garcia added in an interview with the Golf Channel: “It’s good for both of us. We don’t enjoy each other’s company. You don’t have to be a rocket engineer to figure that out.”

So, one would expect Garcia to man up and back up that talk during the final round of The Players Championship right?


While Garcia hung in with Tiger for the majority of the final round, he melted down when it counted the most: on the last few holes.  In fact, Garcia shot a quadruple-bogey 7 after hitting his first two shots into the water on the 17th hole. As a result, Garcia went from being tied with Woods for the lead to finishing six shots behind at 7-under par.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call SOFT.

Garcia had a chance to finally stare down and beat Tiger at a big-time – albeit not major – golf tournament.  Garcia would have had some valuable momentum heading into the US Open with a shot at winning his first major golf tournament.

Instead, Garcia is left to mope around and think about what could have been.  I wouldn’t be shocked if he loses the US Open and comes up empty AGAIN at a major tournament.

I should have known that Garcia could not have stood a chance of closing the deal on the final day The Players Championship.  The cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz has more courage than Garcia.

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  1. Here are sergio’s problems:

    1. He never lived up to his expectations as the next tiger woods.
    2. He never knows when to keep his big mouth shut.
    3. The guy is a BIG WHINER.
    4. Whenever things don’t go his way, he blames others for his mistakes instead of manning up and admitting his faults.
    5. He shows time and time again why he is not popular here in the states because of his antics.

    I find it ridiculous that he claims that he was the victim. Complete B.S. Sergio brought this upon himself. No one and i mean NO ONE is feeling sorry for him if he keeps on acting like a crybaby. So my advice to Sergio Garcia: GROW UP!!!!!

  2. Soft is the wrong word. Soft is for someone who can’t make the cut on friday to keep playing through the weekend. He just CHOKED! Plain & simple.

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