Props to Jason Collins for Coming Out

If you haven’t been living and/or working under a rock, you all know by now that NBA player/free agent Jason Collins came out in an Sports Illustrated story this morning.  In fact, he has graced the cover of the magazine.

Now I am not going to go into deep detail on my feelings on this, because how I feel is simple.  I do not care about one’s sexual orientation.  It has no effect on me as a straight black male.  As long as that gay person is a good person and a contributor to society, I have no problem with them.

And in this case, as long as the gay athlete produces on the field of play, then it should not be an issue.  And judging from the positive reaction Collins is receiving on Twitter from current NBA players and Washington Wizards teammates, it’s not an issue with them either.

I define courage as the willingness to take a stand in the face of adversity.  Props to Jason Collins for exhibiting such courage.

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