There Are Plenty More Mike Rices in College Basketball

NCAA-BasketballI guess we all have seen the outrageously horrific video of former Rutgers men’s basketball coach Mike Rice’s treatment of his players in practice.  No need to repost the video here, it was bad enough seeing it on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines”.  And thankfully, Rutgers FINALLY got around to firing his ass.  Good for the school, I guess.

I will say this – and this is a sad realization: what took place in that video probably happens more often than not.

Think about it.  We all knew about legendary coach Bobby Knight’s bad temper.  We all gasped (or in my case, laughed) when Knight made that infamous chair toss during a game against Purdue in the mid-80s (that shit is on YouTube, by the way).  Anyone who has read the book “Season on the Brink” knew what other vile things Knight did and said to his players from time to time.  His sessions with the media were classic.

There is also the case of Ohio State coach Thad Matta.  Remember when he turned like blood-red while yelling at one of his players during a game at Northwestern this season.

And there have been tales about how hard the late Rick Majerus was on his players (and staff).

Look, I am by NO means looking to condone Rice for his despicable acts.  In fact, if I were one of his players I’d either transfer or throw the basketball back at HIS face.  If I were one of the players’ parents, I’d simply beat the hell out of the coach.

My point is simple: don’t think for a minute that Rice was the only dude who used his position as head coach to abuse players.  I believe he was the only coach who was caught on tape.

Believe that.

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