A New, Re-Seeded Bracket: Sweet 16 and Beyond

ncaaI am THIS close to burning my bracket.

While three of my Final Four picks are still alive (Duke, Miami, Ohio State), my brackets have taken quite a beating in the first two rounds of the tournament – and no, I am not counting the four play-in games (“First Four” my ass).  Wisconsin, my Elite 8 pick, got its ass kicked in the first round by Ole Miss.  For some reason I had VCU in the Sweet 16 over Michigan – forgetting the fact that the game was played in Auburn Hills, MI.

And here’s the kicker: Georgetown (one of my Final four picks) lost to the suddenly immortal Florida Gulf Coast University in the first round.  In fact, my entire South region is shot to hell.

Now that I have gotten all of that off my chest, here is how I see the Sweet 16 playing out…

South Region

  1. Kansas
  2. Florida
  3. Michigan
  4. Florida Gulf Coast

Analysis:  I originally had Kansas ousted in the second round by UNC (so much for THAT pick).  I still do not have Kansas going to the Final Four.  Michigan should crush Kansas in their Sweet 16 encounter.  The game to watch will be Florida-FGCU – the classic big brother vs. little brother battle.  I’m looking forward to the media running storylines with that matchup.  Speaking of media darlings, I think this region will come down to FGCU and Michigan.  While I think FGCU making the Final Four would be beyond awesome, I think Michigan will come away as the winner of the South region.

East Region

  1. Indiana
  2. Miami
  3. Marquette
  4. Syracuse

Analysis:  This region is pretty much all chalk, but since Miami is still in it, I still have them winning this region.  Besides, picking three out of four in this region ain’t bad right?

Midwest Region

  1. Louisville
  2. Duke
  3. Michigan State
  4. St. Louis

Analysis:  This region is the only one where I have all four picks right.  By the way, my pick the win this region has not – and will not – change.  The winner of the Duke-Michigan State Sweet 16 game will win the Midwest region, and that team will still be Duke.

West Region

  1. Ohio State
  2. Arizona
  3. Wichita State
  4. LaSalle

Analysis:  The upsets in this region make my Ohio State Final Four all the sweeter.  Talk about an easy road for the Buckeyes.  Thank you LaSalle and Wichita State…

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