Russell Wilson Should Have Won Offensive ROY Award

Russell WilsonOn the eve of the Super Bowl, a travesty of enormous proportions took place last night.  No, I don’t mean Jerome Bettis Hall of Fame candidacy being snubbed for the third year in a row, though the Steelers fan in me is still scratching my head over that one.

The 2012 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award was given to the wrong player.

And if that wasn’t enough, the voting was not even close.  Redskins rookie QB Robert Griffin III won the award easily over Colts QB Andrew Luck and the player who should have won the award – Seahawks QB Russell Wilson.  RG3 garnered 29 votes for the award. Luck got 11 votes while Wilson got 10.  I don’t know what to be more upset at – RG3 winning by such a wide margin or Luck finishing ahead of Wilson.

And yes, I know that this (and other awards) is strictly based on the regular season.  If that is the case, Wilson should have been given more consideration.

He finished second to RG3 in passer rating (102.4 to 100), completion percentage (65.4 to 64.1) and interceptions (RG3’s 5 to Wilson’s 10).  Wilson did amass more touchdown passes than RG3 (26 to 20), but he did something more impressive than RG3 and even Luck.  Wilson not only beat out a guy who was paid the big $$$ to be the starter in training camp (Matt Flynn), he led the Seahawks to an 11-5 record in a tougher than expected NFC West.  Keep in mind that Wilson beat down Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers along the way late in the season.

And yes, I know Luck led the Colts to an equally impressive 11-5 record this season, but let’s be honest about something – he didn’t look as good doing it (18 interceptions!!!).  Plus, I don’t see the Colts winning 11 games with Seattle’s schedule (49ers twice and those NFC heavyweights? Good luck with that Andrew).

It’s really simple why Wilson was behind the 8-ball in the Offensive ROY running.  Not only did he play in Seattle instead of the east coast, he was a not-so-hyped third round draft pick who was not expected to play this season.  Oh, and factor in his height, or lack thereof (he stands 5’11” on a good day).

Look, I’m not so offended to see RG3 win the award.  Hell, I would have been more pissed if Luck had won it.

I just wish that voters would focus more on the body of work instead of believing the hype.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. RGIII is definitely more hype then what Wilson did. RGIII didn’t even play a full season. Wilson’s body of work was much more deserving the award as you laid out in your post. Time will show that Wilson will also have more staying power then RGIII (RGIII’s injury this year is just a sign of things to come). Unfortunately RGIII still walks away with Wilson’s award. When it comes to RGIII I just think Cam Newton last year. Everyone said he would change the QB position just as they said about RGIII this year, and yet this season Cam was only an after thought. After defenses have a whole off season to plan for RGIII he will be like the Wildcat, a nice fad for a season or two but the Mannings, Luck’s, and Brady’s, pocket passers will have the longer careers.

  2. Houston was the popular pre season choice to make the Super Bowl. Seattle will take that role this year. Great QB, great RB, great defense, especially at DB, great home field advantage.

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