2012 Week 17 NFL Preview

NFL-LogoIt’s a sad day for men (and some women) everywhere: the end of the 2012 regular season is upon us.  Say it isn’t so!!!

While there were good stories (the Indianapolis Colts) and bad ones (the New York Jets), this season was indeed a memorable one either way you slice it.

So as I try to hold back some tears (and enjoy my Christmas gifts), here is the final weekly preview of the 2012 NFL regular season…

Game of the Week

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins.  This is what I am talking about – a rivalry game that has a whole helluva lot riding on it.  The winner of this game wins the NFC East.  The loser is more than likely out of the playoffs.  It’s a Sunday Night Football prime-time matchup.  And to make things spicier, it’s Cowboys-Redskins.  In short, there is a lot to love about this game.

With that out of the way, the game will come down to whose defense will play the toughest.  I do not expect a high-scoring game because the weather is supposed to be nasty (in the 30s at kickoff with snow flurries the day before).  So while QBs Tony Romo and Robert Griffin III will makes some plays, don’t expect the scoreboard to be lit up.  This will be football at its best – nasty and ugly when the weather itself turns nasty and ugly.

And there is that “Dallas not playing well when it counts in December” thing.  Sure the Cowboys have had a winning month thus far.  However, they gave away the Saints game last week with puts them behind the eight-ball for Sunday’s game.  And yes, I think the Cowboys will find a way to fuck things up again.  It will be close, but oh so far for Dallas once again.  Redskins 19, Cowboys 17.

“Who Gives a Rat’s Ass?” Game of the Week

These games involve teams who are not in ANY playoff contention nor teams with playoff seedings on the line.  Unless you are a fan of either of these teams or have a serious gambling addiction, why watch any of them?

Falcons over Buccaneers
Jets over Bills
Titans over Jaguars
Saints over Panthers
Steelers over Browns (my Steelers REALLY let me down this year. Raiders, Titans, Chargers and 1st Browns game? Really???)
Chargers over Raiders

Sunday’s Games

Bengals over Ravens
Bears over Lions
Texans over Colts
Giants over Eagles
Broncos over Chiefs
Packers over Vikings (AP for MVP)
Patriots over Dolphins
49ers over Cardinals
Seahawks over Rams (look the hell out for St. Louis next season)

Last week’s record: 9-7 (talk about mediocre…)
Record to date: 145-75-1

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