Manti Te’o Should Have Won the Heisman

heisman_trophyTexas A&M QB Johnny Manziel, a.k.a “Johnny Football”, became the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy, edging out Notre Dame LB Manti Te’o and Kansas State QB Collin Klein for second and third place, respectively.

I have a fundamental problem with the Heisman voting.

First of all, I view the Heisman Trophy as the MVP of sorts of the college football season.  In professional leagues, the MVP award goes to the best player on the best team (at least most of the time).

In this case, the best player on the best team in college football was Te’o.  Te’o finished the season with 101 tackles, two sacks, and seven – yes, SEVEN – interceptions.  He was the undisputed leader of top-ranked Notre Dame, and played a big role in EVERY game this season.

Look, I am not hating on Johnny Football.  Hell, it’s not like he was a bad candidate.

Manziel smashed Cam Newton’s SEC record in amassing 4,600 total yards (3,419 yards throwing and 1,181 yards rushing).  He threw 24 touchdowns and ran for 19 more.  He led the Aggies to a 10-2 in their first season in the SEC that included an upset at then-No. 1 Alabama in November.

However, Manziel had two rather forgettable games against Florida and LSU.  Texas A&M lost to both teams largely due to Manziel’s turnovers.  I’m sorry, but the best player in college football does not produce stinkers like that.

Meanwhile, Te’o did not have a bad game ALL SEASON.  You gotta give Te’o the award.

The second problem I have with the Heisman voting is that it seems that this is purely an award for offensive players.  Only running backs and quarterbacks are allowed to win this award, and that is not right.

The only way a person could convince me that Manziel was the best college football player over Te’o is if I didn’t watch any game tape or if I were dumb as an ox.  Memo to the Heisman voters: do the right thing and give the Heisman back to Te’o.

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  1. Wrong wrong and wrong. This dude busted Alabama right in the chops. Not only did break Cam Newton’s record… He obliterated it in your beloved SEC!

    No where does it say the best team has to have a player get the hiesman. In fact I would argue that Notre Dame isn’t even the best tea
    People want to automaticly dsmiss freshman because they haven’t put in their dues. I’m glad they didn’t do that this year. Besides who gives a crap about a defensive player winning a trophy that is in fact a offensive award.

  2. When Te’o won the Lombardi Award, I knew they weren’t going to give him the Heisman. The Heisman is so overblown.

  3. well-stated Chris

  4. I completely agree, the heisman has lost all allure. This clearly shows its only an offensive award. I’m a gator, so when I say they started the downward spiral with giving it to a sophomore going as far as a freshman I think it takes away from the award. It takes away from the senior players and anyone who can justify the fact that te’o didn’t do everything the heisman was created to award is a Texas fan and just wanted it for their guy. It just goes to show the sport no matter how well you play the QB or WR or RB that puts the yards and points on the board will beat any DE or LB or DB with an amazing team and record. The Heisman took the hit…


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