2012 Week 14 NFL Preview

NFL-LogoGame of the Week

Houston Texans at New England Patriots.  This is the best matchup of the season.  The top two teams in the AFC will be going at it on Monday Night Football.  One of the best defenses (Texans) going up against one of the best offenses (Patriots).  What is there NOT to like?

I think this will be a low-scoring game.  Houston’s defense will keep Tom Brady and Co. from scoring boatload of points, and that will play in the hands of the Texans ball-control game plan.  RB Arian Foster will do his thing on the ground which will open up play-action opportunities for QB Matt Schuab.  For that reason, I like the Texans on the road in this one.  Texans 17, Patriots 16.

“Who Gives a Damn?” Game of the WEAK

Chiefs at Browns.  Talk about a doozy.  Only a diehard who is in desperate need of a hobby.  Hell, even fans of either team would rather watch Rosie O’Donnell engage in a mutual romantic sponge bath than watch this game – I just threw up in my mouth.  Browns over Chiefs

Thursday’s Game

Broncos over Raiders

Sunday’s Games

Bills over Rams
Bengals over Cowboys
Colts over Titans
Bears over Vikings
Buccaneers over Eagles
Redskins over Ravens
Falcons over Panthers
Jets over Jaguars
Steelers over Chargers (never, EVER count my Steelers out)
49ers over Dolphins
Seahawks over Cardinals
Giants over Saints
Packers over Lions

Last week’s record: 10-6 (kinda okay…)
Record to date: 116-59-1

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