2012 Week 13 NFL Preview

Game of the Week

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens.  In a week full of mediocre matchups (save Saints-Falcons), this is the best of the bunch solely on intrigue alone.  My Steelers may have Ben Roethlisberger – even at %50 – for the game.  I know they will be getting Antonio Brown and Troy Polamalu (FINALLY!) in time for the game.

Meanwhile, we will be looking to see if the Ravens will put this team away – a team that they should beat- some would argue handily.  This is a 4 PM special on CBS, so most of America will be watching.  The first matchup was close Ravens win over a Steelers team with a hobbled Byron Leftwich and a hobbled defense.  The defense is back in almost full strength (Lamar Woodley is iffy), and has most of its offensive weapons back.

How-EVAAAA (in Stephen A. Smith voice), I think the Ravens will prevail, mainly because they are better – and will be playing this at home.  Baltimore will pull a Marlo Stansfield and beat the Avon Barksdale-like SteelersRavens 17, Steelers 10.

Who Gives a Damn Game of the Week

Browns at Raiders

Panthers at Chiefs

Both games feature “turrible” teams.  Whoever has the urge to watch either of those games needs an intervention in the worst way. Oh, because I have to: Browns and Panthers will win both games.

Thursday’s Game

Saints over Falcons (let’s face it, the Saints own the Falcons)

Sunday’s Games

Bills over Jaguars
Bears over Seahawks
Lions over Colts
Packers over Vikings
Texans over Titans
49ers over Rams
Patriots over Dolphins
Jets over Cardinals
Broncos over Buccaneers
Bengals over Chargers
Cowboys over Eagles

Monday Night’s Game

Redskins over Giants

Last week’s record: 11-5 (by far my best week of the season)
Record to date: 106-53-1

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