2012 Week 12 NFL Preview

Game of the Week

Green Bay Packers at New York Giants.  Not that sexy of a matchup, but the best out of this bunch.  The Packers and Giants are two of the better teams in the NFC.  The problem is that New York is in a middle of a slump while Green Bay is on a roll.  While I think this will be a competitive game in prime time (NBC must be laughing at ESPN right now – see Monday Night Football matchup below), I think the Packers will pull this one out.  Those boys are on a roll, and it won’t stop this week.  Packers 27, Giants 24.

Ass-Whupping of the Week

Given that I have been waaaaay off in picking the severity of margins of victory the last few weeks, I’m going to recuse myself from doing so for a while until I get that mojo back.  As for the other games…

Upset of the Week

Saints over 49ers.  The Saints are on a roll, and will be playing this game at home.  If the Niners start Colin Kaepernick for that game, things may get ugly for San Fran.  A dome like the Superdome is no place for a 2nd-year QB to shine.  Plus, there is that Drew Brees fellow who will be looking to shred an otherwise stout Niners defense.  The Saints will force the young QB into turnovers and that will lead to quick points for the Saints.  If Alex Smith plays, the Saints will still win because it would be his first game back from a concussion.  And an opposing QB with the lingering effects from a concussion has no business playing a game in the Superdome – let alone start one.

Snore-fest of the Week

Rams at Cardinals.  Do I REALLY have to explain why this game is horrible?  Whoever has to call this game for Fox should submit his resignation letter immediately (“Yo I didn’t sign up for this shit!”).  Oh, because I HAVE to pick a winner: Rams over Cardinals.

Thanksgiving Day’s Games

Texans over Lions
Redskins over Cowboys
Patriots over Jets

Sunday’s Games

Bears over Vikings
Broncos over Chiefs
Titans over Jaguars
Colts over Bills
Bengals over Raiders
Steelers over Browns
Seahawks over Dolphins
Falcons over Buccaneers
Chargers over Ravens

Monday Night’s Game

Panthers over Eagles (ESPN having to air this game makes me chuckle)

Last week’s record: 12-2 (by far my best week of the season)
Record to date: 95-48-1

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  1. Great start with a perfect Thanksgiving Day start to Week 12! I apologize for doubting you on your Redskins over Cowboys pick. I just couldn’t convince myself to pick against a previous 5 – 0 record by Tony Romo on Thanksgiving. However, I didn’t count of the X-Factor….RGIII. Props to you!!!

  2. Good job. Nice, going 3-0 on Thanksgiving. Just found this blog, definitely coming back!

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