Replacement Refs Damaging Goodell’s Rep

Another NFL game, another black eye for the NFL and their the replacement officials.  Last night’s game produced one of the worst calls in recent memory – and it cost a team a ballgame.

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Green Bay Packers on a touchdown pass on the last play of the game.  Too bad it was the result of a “turrible” call.  Hey don’t talk my word for it, see for yourselves…

Simply put, last night’s game was an embarrassment.

The players should be embarrassed.  The coaches should be embarrassed.  The owners should be embarrassed.  And most of all, NFL Commissioner/Warden/Playa Hater/Curmudgeon Roger Goodell should be embarrassed.

The biggest problem is that the league owners and Goodell are too arrogant to be embarrassed.  They are too arrogant to understand that having those replacement referees out on the field making bad call after bad call is (pluck)ing up the integrity of the game.  I mean why continue to be arrogant after this call to end the game?

Of course, we all know that the NFL deep down doesn’t give a damn about the integrity of the game.  The only thing they care about are the $$$.

You see, the owners and Goodell look at us fans as heroin addicts.  They know that we fans love the game so much, that we will not turn away from it – even if the officiating is so horrible to the point of ruining their product.

File this away as another reason why I cannot stand Roger Goodell.  First it was his role in that pointless lockout last off-season.  Then it was his attempts to turn the NFL into flag football with those absurd rule changes that prohibit any hitting whatsoever – especially to star quarterbacks.  And now this pointless labor strife with the REAL refs which in turn had oh so blessed up with those substitute teachers ERRRR, “replacement refs”.

If he paid attention and gave a damn, he’d notice that the players and especially the coaches to do not respect the replacement refs, and that things are going to get worse.  Then again, this is Goodell we are talking about…

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