2012 NFL Week 1 Preview

The NFL regular season is back.  Hip-hip, HOORAY!  This combined with the college football season makes fall the best season ever.  If this does not serve as salvation for men (and some women) everywhere, then I do not know what does.

So as I try not to go overboard with my “football is here” happy dance, here is how I see things shaping out for NFL’s Week 1 (God it feels SO good to type that)…

Game of the Week

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants.  Ah, there is no better way to kick off the season than to pit these two heated division rivals for Wednesday night’s opening game.  The Cowboys, notably owner Jerry Jones, have been talking trash all offseason about kicking the Giants’ asses.  Well Dallas gets its chance the first game of the season in MetLife Stadium.  But guess what: whenever you say you are going to kick a hated rivals’ ass, that same hated rival looks to do the same to you.  Look for the Giants to kick the crap out of Dallas tomorrow night, who is playing without TE Jason Witten.  Cowboys QB Tony Romo is going to be struggling all night without his favorite target – and the rest of the offense will suffer.  And while the Cowboys’ D is improved, Eli Manning and the Giants offense will still generate some points – thanks to big plays by the Giants’ ferocious D.  Oh, and not too many defending champs lose the opening night game at home.  Giants 27, Cowboys 13.

Sunday’s Games

Bears over Colts
Eagles over Browns
Lions over Rams
Patriots over Titans
Falcons over Chiefs
Vikings over Jaguars
Saints over Redskins
Bills over Jets
Texans over Dolphins
Packers over 49ers
Seahawks over Cardinals (long live Russell Wilson!)
Panthers over Buccaneers
Steelers over Broncos (here we go Steelers, HERE WE GO!!!)

Monday’s Games

Bengals over Ravens (if the Bengals want to shine, this is the time to do so)
Chargers over Raiders

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  1. Whelp, looks like I got Game 1 wrong 🙁 (damn Cowboys…).

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