Going with Replacement Refs Makes Goodell Hypocritical

Looks like the NFL will go with replacement referees for Week 1 of the 2012 NFL season.

NFL Commissioner/Warden/Playa Hater Roger Goodell made the announcement earlier this afternoon.  Apparently there is a bitter labor strife between the refs and the league that would make the NFL Players Association blush.

Still, there is one thing about this particular labor strife that I am really upset about.  Those replacement refs are going to be asked to make the right calls on penalties in crucial times of the games.  Among those penalties may be for illegal hits.

Hey Roger, now what was that thing you kept preaching about player safety?

See, this is the same Goodell who preached that player safety stuff when doling out those stupid-ass fines for hits below quarterbacks’ knees, hitting a “defenseless player” (whatever the hell that means), and helmet-to-helmet hits (which I do agree with).  Goodell also hammered the New Orleans Saints with those sanctions for the “Bounty-gate” scandal – which I still think was total bullshit.

In short, the commissioner who is preaching those things is allowing those replacement referees to run the show when the regular season starts.  Many of those who have never officiated on the major college football level (FBS level).  I could easily envision more injuries because those replacement refs – God bless them – are likely to miss penalizing those hits.

And don’t let those replacement refs make or do not make a call that may cost a team a game.  That will adversely affect the integrity of the game, which Goodell could ill afford to allow to happen.

So once again, Goodell failed to be consistent in getting his message across.  Someone please get Paul Tagliabue back in the saddle…

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  1. Not that it matters who refs the games but I’ve seen high school refs that can manage a game just as good as an NFL ref. I do suppose a ref is more of a time manager in the NFL than a true ref of the game. Honestly does the NFL really need 8-10 refs at every game…does anyone else think a standard crew of 4-5 would work just as well? High school games get reffed by 2-3 and the games go on smoothly.

  2. after watching some reffing on first take I politely withdraw my previous comment

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