Chad Johnson Is as Dumb as it Gets

I was going to write an uplifting piece on the pageantry of the Olympics and how I found it perhaps the most compelling in recent memory – from Oscar Pistorius doing his thing as a double amputee to Gabby Douglas being the first Black American woman to win the gymnastics all-around competition.

Instead I have to give my two cents on arguably the most stupid mother(lover) in sports: Chad Johnson, or Ochocinco, or whatever the hell he is calling himself.

Where do I begin?  First, he managed to get himself fired from one of the best franchises in the NFL – if not in sports – the New England Patriots.  If a team says a player had trouble grasping the playbook, that is code for saying that he is pretty dumb.

Next, he managed to land a gig with the Miami Dolphins – which was nice even if he signed a one-year deal.  All dude had to do was to get his mind right and focus.

Instead, he opted to marry “reality” star/gold-digger Evelyn Lozada.  And we all know how successful a “reality”-related unions are.  So successful that Johnson was arrested on a domestic assault charge after said gold-digger found some a receipt for some condoms in his car.

(First of all, if Chad was going to cheat, why would he be dumb enough to leave a receipt for condoms lying around for his spouse to find?  But I digress…)

I don’t know about you, but if I am working on a gig that is more likely my last shot at remaining in the NFL, I’d be making sure my ass is laying low as possible.  That means no dalliances with any “reality” star, and no dogging it in practices as illustrated on HBO’s “Hard Knocks”.

Instead this mother(lover) decided that he loved the spotlight in the “reality” world – and his alleged love for putang outside his marriage – more than remaining in the NFL.  An assault charge and unwanted distractions later, Johnson is out of a job.  And make no mistake, there is no excuse for hitting a woman, let alone your spouse.

Johnson used to be known as “Ochocinco”.  Now he is known as something else.


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  1. It appears that his inability to grasp the NE playbook had nothing to do with intelligence, but desire. If his public persona is accurate, he spent his time mastering video games and social media. After 10 years with one team, he didn’t grasp the work he would have to put in to learn a whole new terminology and philosophy regarding the passing game.

    Now if you want to call him dumb for taking a domestic violence charge, well, you’ve got me there. When his wife confronted him, he had two choices
    1. Pack a bag and quietly go to a hotel room or friends’ house, leaving his employment and future career as a broadcaster intact.

    2. Escalate the confrontation to the point that it becomes a domestc violence charge and put everything he has worked for in jeopardy.

    Choosing “2” was pretty foolish, as I’m sure even Chad would admit now.

  2. When you’re catching 90 balls a year and leading the conference in receiving yards, your antics are cute and creative. When you catch 15 balls, you’re actin’ a fool.

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