Hey Lolo, There Is No Crying in Sports

My girl Lolo Jones is at it again.

First, in a previous rant I (and as I found out later, the New York Times) called her the “Anna Kournikova of track and field”.  A lot of you thought it was harsh – hell one of you called me an asshole.  But I stand by everything I wrote, and today I fell more vindicated in doing so.

Why, you may ask?

Because of the second thing Jones did.  After the race, she went on the Today Show and literally cried over the backlash she received in the media for her Olympics failures.  Now she went from being the “Anna Kournikova of track and field” to being one of the biggest crybabies in sports.  She came across as a spoiled brat.

I mean, who in the hell does Lolo thinks she is in assuming that the media should not rip her?   Hell you think I was bad, Jason Whitlock was harsher than I was.

This just in Lolo: that’s how the sports media works in this country.  The media builds you up and later tears you down.  There is not a professional athlete who has not been crushed and ripped by our sports media.  Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss – you name it – have all been ripped to shreds at one point by the sports media.  Hell tune in to ESPN’s First Take and Skip “Brainless” at your own risk to see for yourself.

Look, I have no problem with how she and her team marketed herself.  As I have said in the past, “make that money boo!”  I’m just saying since she put herself out there like that, she should have backed it up with a gold medal – hell, ANY medal.

And now her boo-hooing on the Today Show.  Oh Lolo, c’mon now.  I tell you what, I bet USA teammate and silver medalist Dawn Harper is laughing her ass off at Lolo right now…

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  1. NBC is clearly at fault on this one. Why are they inviting the 4th place finisher to come on the Today Show? Where were the two American women who finished ahead of her? Also, she could have just said, “No thanks. I’m not coming on the show. Maybe you should interview somebody who actually won the damn race”.

    NBC was cashing in on her notoriety. Now they’re cashing in on her misfortune. Like you said, that’s the nature of the business.

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