This Just in: the Jets Are a Train-wreck

There is a team from New York (who for some reason plays in New Jersey) that is making some major headlines this offseason and now preseason.  You’d think it’s the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants, right?

To quote Chris Rock, “ooooh NO!”

Try the Jets.  You know, the same team that finished 8-8 and missed the playoffs last season.  The same team that had an implosion last season.  The same team that had not one, but two brawls in training camps.

And last but sure as hell not least, the same team who brought in Timothy Richard Tebow.

You know, I was hoping that HBO’s Hard Knocks would return to Jets training camp.  Especially given the cast of characters this season, including Tebow.

Unfortunately, the NFL is not merely about making headlines, generating buzz, and having ESPN set up shop and talk about you all the time.  It’s about winning games.

Speaking of which, from looking at their 2012 regular season schedule and how better the AFC East has gotten, I’d be surprised if the Jets matched their win total from last year.  Hell, look at their first five games: host Buffalo, at Pittsburgh, at Miami, host San Francisco and Houston.

Look for the aforementioned Tebow to take over after Week 5 at home against Indianapolis.  They’ll probably be no better than 1-4 at that point.

Again, this team is nothing more than that train-wreck that you cannot keep your eyes off of.  Nothing to see here folks…

P.S. the more I see that moron from ESPN’s First Take Skip “Brainless” Bayless wax poetic (more like going ape-shit) over Tebow, the more I think Brainless will drop his drawers and jerk off on the set.

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