Penn State Players Loyal to a Fault

First, let me commend the football players at Penn State for vowing not to renege on their commitment and staying with the university.  They maintained that not one person built Penn State, and not one person is going to tear it down.

You have to respect those young men for wanting to finish what they started.  I know I sure as hell do.

That said, I’ve got some advice for those young men: get out, and get the hell out NOW.

Here’s the deal, those young men will not play in a bowl game at least this season (four-year bowl ban).  That means the incoming freshman will not only not get to participate in a bowl, they won’t even get to play in the Big Ten championship game during their four-year run.

Again, I admire and respect the hell out of those young men for their commitment to Penn State.  But fellas, c’mon ya’ll!  Get out while the getting is good…

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  1. I think it’s important to differentiate between student – athletes and athlete – students. The athlete – student who is a stud and has a real chance at the NFL might want to change schools. He needs the visibility of a vibrant program and which school he takes his basketweaving courses from is not relevant.

    However, the student – athletes have more invested than just football. Those who are progressing toward a degree in a program that they like with professors that they admire and respect should not just take off. Penn State is a respected school and a degree from there carries a good bit of weight. Also, those with no NFL shot will be entering grad school or the job market.

    Employers will be impressed with someone who stuck it out when the going got rough and didn’t abandon the institution that gave them a chance to go to college and make something of themselves. It’s a nice narrative.

  2. Loyalty is measured in the tough times. It’s easy to be loyal when there isn’t a problem.

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