Hate to Tell You this Orlando, but I Told You So…

Well, well, well.  Looks like our old pal Dwight Howard is requesting a trade ONCE AGAIN.  And once again, it’s to the Brooklyn Nets.

As much as I would love to this Howard madness to stop, I am enjoying the train wreck a bit.  Why?  Because I only said this would happen when Orlando talked him into signing that opt-in clause at the trade deadline last spring.

I’d never understand why someone would want to hold onto a person who doesn’t want him/her.  Orlando reminds me of a desperate chick who wants to hold onto her studly boyfriend in order to keep him from her more attractive rival.

Look, while Orlando should have traded Howard LAST season when it could have gotten more for him, it should count its losses and deal his ass NOW.  Anyone with half a brain knows that Howard will be gone next year anyway.  And if the Magic think it has more leverage over Howard after he signed that opt-in, they are truly fooling themselves.

Trade Howard to the Nets and get what you can while you are still able.  You’d think the Magic learned its lesson from the Shaquille O’Neal years…

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