No Winners in the Sandusky Case

Former Penn State defensive coordinator/pervert Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 of the 48 charges of child sex abuse yesterday.  While the monster that is Sandusky was held accountable by the victims who testified against him, let’s make one thing clear.

There were losers all the way around.

I mean, sure the victims who took the stand against Sandusky were heroes.  But I could not begin to imagine how they all felt with having to live with the shame of being sex abuse victims.  Would any of you like to have taken the stand and recount the horrors of those encounters?  Would any of you had felt so heroic in putting a sick, perverted bastard who ruined your innocence and lives behind bars?

I didn’t think so.

I have a very good friend of mine who is a victim of sexual abuse.  When she told me that explained why she doesn’t feel worthy of love and her difficulty in maintaining healthy relationships with past boyfriends, words could not have expressed the sorrow I had (still have) for her.  As she told me this via text, all I could do to help and support her was to do one thing that others should do for victims of sexual abuse.


If any of those enablers errrrrr, scumbags errrrrrrrr, administrators at Penn State had listened to even ONE of those victims, just maybe Sandusky would not have been able to hurt other young boys.

Instead there is an astronomical amount of collateral damage.  An assistant coach who probably will not coach again on ANY level.  The administrators who will be out of jobs if not so already.  The aforementioned victims who are forever damaged and will spend the rest of their lives in therapy.

And most of all, a deceased legendary coach whose legacy is forever tainted.

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