Roger Clemens Guilty of Stupidity


Sigh, I know you all are as steroid-fatigued as much as I am, but I must get some things off my chest.

Former MLB pitcher Roger Clemens was found not guilty of lying to a grand jury over his alleged steroid use.  Clemens boo-hooed his way through a press conference of sorts outside of the courthouse shortly after the trial ended with his attorney smiling his ass off.

Will this prevent Clemens from getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame?  It shouldn’t, but it just might.

And while Clemens will not see any jail time, he is guilty of being a stupid-ass.  First of all, the grand jury did not seek Clemens out the first time around – Clemens SOUGHT THEM!  After his name came out in the now infamous “Mitchell Report”, no one called Clemens.  All he had to do was lay low and cool the (puck) out.

But Clemens HAD to open his yap.  He HAD to challenge the report in front of a grand jury and drag down MLB in the process.  Hell, at least Barry Bonds didn’t want to be bothered.

Oh, and one more thing: doesn’t Congress have more pressing matters to attend to such as, oh I don’t know, a sorry housing market, national security, high unemployment rates.

This whole thing was one sorry-ass episode all the way around…


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  1. J-Dub says:

    What’s even worse is now nobody either in baseball or in the government realizes that the message has been sent that there are ways to beat the rap…Bonds, Braun, and now Clemens. If you want to get rid of steroids, it is time to go look at what is wrong with the enforcement process…

    1. klownboy says:

      This is a classic case of the tail wagging the dog. If the sport REALLY wanted to rid itself of ‘roids, it needs to make wholesale changes altogether.

      There was no way that Ryan Braun should have gotten away with what he did. The process sucks, plain and simple…

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